Baby Samuel Update

Sam arrived at Baby Watoto severely underweight and in constant pain due to untreated urinary tract infections. After further medical examinations, it was discovered that he was born with a developmental abnormality known as Bladder Exstrophy, an external protrusion of his urinary bladder which also affects the pelvis and genitals.

Australian Urology specialist, Dr. David Winkle was generous in offering to take on this little one’s case.

In the lead up to Sam’s arrival, we campaigned hard to raise funds for surgery. With the love and support of our partners and friends, we went above and beyond our target, reaching almost $40,000!

Sam’s surgery on 13 May 2016 was a great success! Dr. Winkle states Sam is progressing well; their regular consultations cover physiotherapy, occupational and, speech therapy assessments.

This trip to Australia will not be Sam’s last. At roughly five years, he will be returning for pelvic reconstructive surgery. The funds raised in this year’s campaign is enough to cover his next surgery!

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