Born To Lead

Julius is a 24-year-old pursuing a bachelor’s degree in development studies at Uganda Christian University. At the end of the course, he hopes to be a development practitioner majoring in urban planning.

“I believe that the biggest hindrance to development is inadequate monitoring and evaluation of projects in Uganda. With the integrity and morals that have been instilled in me, I know that I will be able to make the necessary reports and thus ensure that work is done correctly and at the right time, ” says Julius.

Besides wanting to make the city and nation better, Julius has always had a passion for sports, often officiating soccer matches on the Watoto villages. His love for sports has seen him acquire several certificates in sports courses in pursuit of becoming a professional soccer coach and referee.

“I had always admired Howard Webb and wanted to do as good as he did when he was a referee and coach at Manchester United. I believe that with training I will be able to acquire the necessary skill and knowledge to become better.

After University I dream of going for a professional course in soccer management,” he says. Julius has seen the reward for his passion, at the University; he is the Minister for games and sports.

“This came as a surprise to me; I did not think that the Guild President knew I loved sports. I would officiate inter-course games at the University. Little did I know that people had noticed and would trust me with such a big office,” he said.

Before being appointed the minister of games and sports, Julius was president of all the university class representatives and had also been contacted about becoming the university Electoral Commission chairperson.

“I was appointed the Electoral Commission chairman but I turned it down because I knew I would not be effective. Shortly, I was contacted by the guild president and appointed the minister of sports. I immediately knew that my turning down of the EC position was God’s plan and not my wisdom. God knew what I would be more efficient in the sports department and gave it to me,” he gleefully adds.

Julius joined Watoto in 2003 after the loss of his father in 2001. He left Rwanda for Uganda and stayed with his paternal grandmother in Masaka.

Julius still vividly remembers the day he left for Watoto.

“It was on the 14th of April 2003. I remember this day so well because it was the birthday. I remember my grandmother telling me that I was leaving home and going to a better place. We were five children, we left home with our belongings and were picked up from a church,” he recalls.

“It wasn’t easy for me to adjust into Watoto. I came to a place where people spoke a language I did not understand. I was not good at English and only spoke Rwandese and French. I also hated school but later adjusted and started making friends.” He said.

For Julius, the homes were easy for him because the lady he came to Watoto with turned out to be his housemother on the village.

Watoto is geared towards raising credible future leaders who will change their nation and the world as a whole. With the help of sponsors, this is coming to be through children like Julius.

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