Arise & Shine

Twice a year the Living Hope ladies meet to worship and be encouraged by a mentor. The ladies have the opportunity to share life lessons, testimonies and, the Word of God.

At the most recent event, the women met under the theme, Arise and Shine, to celebrate graduates and, to welcome new ladies.

The ceremony kicked off with the testimonies of excited graduates, among them Ritah Ganda, who joined Living Hope in 2008 and is now a teacher. “I was in a poor state, living in a one-room house; it was everything, the sitting room, bedroom, shower, and toilet! Since I came to Christ, He has done good work in me. I could not read or write when I first came to Living Hope, but now I am a teacher. I am also a leader of my cell group.” She said.

A very energetic and cheerful Jane Nsangi was happy to share her testimony of how she was almost buried alive because of illness and thought to be dead, only to be saved by an unknown man. “People feared and ran from me. When I came to Living Hope, I couldn’t even fold my legs to sew but, now I own my machine and the lessons I have learned, give me hope and power. The people that used to fear me now look at me in amazement.”

Christine Mugabithen shared a powerful sermon, which revolved around forgetting the past, not dwelling on present circumstances but having faith in God’s ability to turn everything around.“You are not your situation; widow is not your name. Don’t look at your children as orphans instead, count yourself blessed to raise God’s children. The Word says to dare to start dreaming again. God wants to do a lot in our lives. There is no age limit for you to learn new things so dream big.” She said.

Angella Kimuli, the production coordinator at Living Hope also reminded the women to keep testifying wherever they go so those around them will be encouraged. She also told the new ladies to purpose and finish the course because then they will have even stronger testimonies.

“When things get hard, turn nowhere else but to God. It’s after you remain steadfast that you can give testimony.” She said.

Watoto is geared towards raising credible, future leaders who will change their nation and the world as a whole. With the help of sponsors, this vision is coming through our ladies of Living Hope.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Living Hope program and helping transform the lives of Africa’s most vulnerable people, it’s women, please contact the Sponsorship Department at