Thank You, Living Hope.

It is encouraging when young people have their parents support their dreams. Solomon Kato, 22, is the son of Florence Byakatonda, one of the ladies who joined Living Hope this year. Solomon, now in his final year of high school, is proud to be among the privileged boys and girls who can obtain an education.

“I enjoy fine art because it is lively and engaging,” Solomon says. He never gets tired of helping his fellow students with their art sketches, giving his best. Solomon wants to be more involved in music, art, and hairdressing. “In Uganda, we don’t have many male hairdressers. I think there should be a balance, and I believe men can do as fantastic a job as the ladies.”

When not at school, Solomon takes a 10-minute ride to Watoto Church where he spends time listening to the worship band so that he can learn from them. “Music is one of my passions. Every time I sing or play a tune, I feel the presence of God. I have to keep on practising so I can join the vocal classes next year.”

At home, Solomon finds joy in doing housework with the help of his 18-year-old sister, Joan. “At times mum needs a break. It is our responsibility to make sure all the house work is done so when she comes home; it’s clean and, she can rest”.

Solomon thanks Living Hope for enrolling his mum. “She is a great woman, the pillar of our family. I am proud of my mum, for what she has done for us; she makes sure we stand strong as a family. She is the best mum in the world!”

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