Get to Know Dan!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Christian Kids Music Artist Dan Warlow as an ambassador for Watoto Australia!

Dan uses his gift of music to inspire children to grow in their faith with God. Follow this three-part article as we, ‘Get to know Dan!’

When did you know children’s ministry was your calling?

The exact moment is hard to pinpoint. God had distinctly woven my passion for music and young people throughout the tapestry of my past and I couldn’t ignore that each time I came to Him with the question of my calling. God revealed the music ministry through blessing my baby steps of faith.

I had only completed half a song after, roughly, eight years of trying to write Christian music for adults. One day I said out loud, “maybe I should write kids music!” and, within an hour I had my first song. So I wrote more! The songs continued to flow and over two months I had written my first children’s album.

Each day, God was planning my dream. It was always in my heart but, I would place it in the never going to happen list. God is always faithful and He said, we’re doing this!

Dan Warlow’s new album Jump For Joy! Features tracks, God Loves Us and Give All Your Worries with Watoto Children’s Choir 79. Jump for Joy! Is available for purchase on Itunes.