Letter writing tips

Letter writing tips

There is something very special about writing to the mother or child that you sponsor. They become an important part of your family and writing to each other is your connection point. Did you know that there are multiple ways you can connect with your sponsor child or mother?

1. Airmail… old school but tangible

Hand writing a letter brings something wonderful and person to each of your letters. In this letter, you can also include such items as photos of your immediate family, postcards and bookmarks. You will need to attach an airmail postage stamp prior to posting as all correspondence must be sent directly to our office in Uganda. The address is:

Watoto Child Care Ministries

Sponsorship Department

PO Box 26366

Kampala, Uganda

2. Email… the fast way

Email is one of the simplest ways you can write a letter.Simply write your letter in the form of an email and send it to uganda.sponsor@watoto.com and it will be printed and delivered much quicker than traditional mail.

3. New! Online template

We also have an online template you can use! You can also correspond from our website by visiting here. Select ‘Writing to your Sponsored Individual’ and type away!

Once you have selected your choice of mail, it’s time to consider what you are going to write. It might come naturally to you to write to your sponsored individual and over time your relationship will grow. If you’re getting started, here are some ideas…

Introduce yourself

Help them get to know you by telling them about:

  • your family, friends and pets you have
  • interesting facts about where you live
  • what you do day-to-day and any hobbies and interests you have

Learn about them

Get to know them by asking questions like:

  • what do you do for fun?
  • what is your favourite subject at school?
  • what are you thankful for?
  • tell me about your Watoto family

Your friends in Uganda can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Thank you Salote for the Letter writing tips. I have not written to my sponsored child for some time, and I have been unclear about how best to do it. This has been a burden to me, so I now feel confident to get down and do it straight away.

  2. I would like to send a small magazine produced by our church, and a brochure about the town where we live and one from the children’s school as ways to show our sponsor child where we live. They are A4 sized and all together might be 20 pages. Is this allowed?

    1. Hi Sonia, Thank you for your enquiry regarding sending a magazine and brochure to your sponsor child. We highly encourage you to write letters in order to learn more about your sponsor child, as well as share your life in Australia. In this letter, you can also include such items as photos of your immediate family, postcards and bookmarks, so if the brochure fits in a standard envelope this should be fine. Apart from such items, to ensure that all within our Watoto community are treated equally, gifts received from sponsors are pooled and distributed to the children and mothers on special occasions. A magazine might therefore be put in the gift pool. Please also note a letter, or parcel needs to be sent directly to our office in Uganda.

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