Watoto Medical Outreach

7 September – 23 September 2017

This September a group of Australian medical professionals is heading to Uganda, and we’d like to invite you to join our team. If you’re a counsellor, doctor, nurse, psychologist or someone experienced in pastoral care we invite you to be a part of a five-day outreach through a pop-up medical centre in one of the local communities that Watoto works with.


The cost is $5500 AUD* per person for travel expenses including:

  • Airfares return from Australia to Uganda, transport in Uganda and entry visa
  • Accommodation and some meals
  • 5-day outreach and visit to Watoto projects
  • Safari trip and a traditional Ugandan meal experience

Project fundraising required: $1500 USD (Approx. $2027 AUD)* per person.

INTERESTED? Email visitau@watoto.com or call 07 3806 0311.

1.  Funds raised to pay for travel expenses are not tax deductible.

2. Based on a rate of $0.74 USD to 1.00 AUD, rate subject to change. Donations over $2 for the medical outreach (part of project J210) are tax deductible.


  1. I am about to go over in April and I am a a pediatric nurse. If there is anything in particular you would like me to assess or support whilst I am there please let me know. Unfortunatley I wont be able to go again in september.
    Jenny Andresen

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