A Refreshing Adventure for our Watoto Mothers

At Watoto we love our mothers and are grateful for all they do to provide a loving home for our children. They are the heartbeat of our villages and give tirelessly of themselves every day. We don’t know what we’d do without them.

So, we are thankful for your generosity that allowed us to provide these amazing women with a safari and retreat where they could enjoy some time away from everyday life to relax, have fun and see firsthand the awe and wonder of some of God’s creations.

The mums could barely hide their excitement throughout the road trip to Murchison Falls and Paraa Safari Lodge as they sang songs of praise. Upon reaching the falls Mama Gertrude Asiimwe shared that the experience was greater than what she could have possibly imagined.

“What a great moment. I have enjoyed being exposed to the greatness of God at the falls. I am encouraged to serve God even more,” said Mama Gertrude.

“Everything has been perfect and well planned. The journey was an unexpected gift which is a highlight to my year. I am grateful for the love of my sponsors and everyone who made this possible,” continued Gertrude.


All the mums echoed Gertrude’s joy and appreciation for this opportunity. And so do we.

This experience gave our mums a rare chance to connect with one another outside of village life and enjoy a new adventure, reflecting on God’s greatness and all He has done and continues to do in their lives. Of course, they enjoyed the delicious meal and being pampered at the hotel too.


Mama Annet Angenyo’s said that this adventure gave her a chance to see and experience new things, and defined her experience as the trip of a lifetime.

“I was born in a place that is far removed from the culture this moment has given me. Throughout this trip, I got to ride a ferry for the first time, and see Murchision falls. I was happy to see the water flowing,” Annet shared.

She continued, “It is a wonder to experience so much love. I am so grateful to the sponsors’ generosity which has given me a chance to see God’s greatness.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for your love and support. You are truly making a difference in the lives of our mums, allowing them to feel uplifted and refreshed.


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