18 years ago, someone didn’t just listen to my hunger story, they actually fed me.

Gad was six-years-old when he came to Watoto. “Living at Watoto was paradise.” shares Gad. “First and foremost there was a strong, contagious sense of love and acceptance and belonging.”


“[Before Watoto] I was always [searching] for a way to have a day’s meal and spend numerous hours in the garden. I would then go home to only have a cup of tea before going to sleep.” At Watoto Gad had everything he needed. “I always had plenty of food. Three meals a day. I never had to worry about school fees being paid right from grade one to university.”


Gad recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, majoring in TV and Radio Broadcast. Now on tour with the Watoto Children’s Choir, Gad manages online media on the tour, capturing stories and photos as the choir travels on the road.


“I have always had dreams of becoming a TV Presenter or Radio Announcer. My main area of interest is to work on a show that profiles celebrities and prominent people. Growing up I always had the dream of being a professional international drummer. To simply travel around the world drumming in different countries. To simply use my drumming talent to make Jesus’ name famous. The good news is, I am doing this right now on tour with the Watoto Children’s Choir!” shares Gad.


What makes Gad’s story even more remarkable is that this is not his first time on tour with the Watoto Children’s Choir. His first time was in 2002 when he travelled to the USA and Canada for six months. Gad was eight-years-old at the time. It’s been a whole new experience for Gad as a staff member travelling on tour.

“It’s first and foremost a huge opportunity. A big-time blessing that comes with huge responsibility. As a child, all I had to do was sleep, eat, go on stage and sleep again. But now, it’s typically in reverse! I’m a full time ‘parent’ to two boys for at least the five months we are on the road. I am also a musician, so there’s always set up and pack down at every concert. I’m also doing online communications. So in brief, it’s a whole new experience.” Gad shares.


“But I love it since someone else back home is able to go to school, have good meals and have a place to put their head to rest. I am happy to do this alongside a very selfless team of committed, jolly and enthusiastic adults. It’s been my dream to come to Australia since I was a child and I am having a roller-coaster of fun.”


Gad’s heart has extended beyond just serving on the tour, and four weeks ago Gad made an incredible decision, to sponsor Alexandra, who is also on tour this year.


“18 years ago, someone didn’t just listen to my hunger story, they actually fed me. 18 years ago I was hopeless, but someone gave me hope. 18 years ago my life was dark, someone lit it up. 18 years ago I was stranded, dirty and confused but someone believed in me, took me on, accepted me as their very own. Because somebody from Canada partnered with Watoto and bothered to care and show me the true meaning of Christ’s unconditional love. 18 years [later] I have dedicated my life to be a part of changing and influencing another life. Her name is Alexa! I am a sponsor!” shares Gad.  


“Guess what? You too can join me and change a life.” 

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