Tanya and Nathaniel

Love Triumphs | Tanya’s Sponsorship Story

Every year we are reminded about just how special the connection is between our sponsors in Australia and our mothers and children in Uganda. The moment you meet your sponsor child just takes your breath away. We’ve heard so many impacting stories this year, and here is one of them.

Tanya shares, “We were so honoured to meet our sponsor child Nathaniel. Having him stay with us in our home was such a privilege that will be forever etched in our hearts. When Nathaniel came into our home he saw our family photo and his photo placed at opposite ends of our buffet unit. He moved his photo and placed it next to our family photo and looked at us and said, “This is my family”. Well, that melted our heart and bought us to tears. LOVE is what washed through all of us in that moment. Nathaniel had placed the photo in front of the Television, so for weeks, we could not bring ourselves to move them. Our hearts melted for all of the children. Hearing their stories changes something within you.  The unconditional love they radiate really gives us a dose of perspective. A perspective that certainly changes the way we view many things in our life.  Love triumphs through the hardest of circumstances for these beautiful children as God has carried them into loving families within the Watoto community. Watoto puts faith into action loving God’s children and meeting their needs which was Gods design for his creation.

Each time we’ve had contact with Nathaniel, Elliot and Israel while they have been in Australia, they have taught us so much and filled our hearts with much love. Having this time with them motivated us to sponsor another child and a mother. God says in his word that he loves a cheerful giver and giving to Watoto is doing so from a cheerful heart.

We are so blessed to be able to sponsor a child and they radiate gratitude, but the reality is the gratitude goes back the other way. We are so grateful that Gods gives us the resources to be able to pour a blessing into the life of another and the blessing we receive is tenfold.

We have seen the choir twice and are preparing to travel to Bendigo where we will see them again before they head home. Whilst meeting Nathaniel as well as Elliot and Israel, along with all the other children and adults was such a blessing, there is a negative. That negative is to say goodbye.”

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